Take on the Canterbury obstacle featured in Roblox’s Ultimate Easy Obby

Meet some of your rugby heroes in the new Canterbury NZ obstacle course feature on Roblox Ultimate Easy Obby game, complete the course for a chance to win a free pair of UGC Speed infinite Elite purple boots for your avatar.

2023-09-29 09:20:35 By Canterbury


MADE FASTER: Creating our lightest rugby boot ever

Fast is out there. Delve into the story behind the creation of our lightest ever boot, Speed Infinite Elite.

2023-07-10 12:05:52By Canterbury


Mack Hansen: The guy with the Andy Farrell tattoo

Legendary tattoos to one side, we’re stoked to have the Irish international winger team up with Canterbury.

2023-06-15 09:30:54By Canterbury


How to get started in Rugby

While rugby is a sport rooted in tradition, it’s evolved over the years into the game it is today — with styles of play that anyone can take part in

2023-06-05 09:00:20 By Canterbury