For every purchase you make, we plant a Mangrove tree.

There’s no way of side stepping the toll our sport takes on the planet. The climate crisis is arguably our biggest opponent. Collectively, it’s affecting all areas of our lives and with it, our ability to play the sport we love.

That’s why we’ve introduced buy one get one tree, a way for us to plant a tree for each and every purchase on to help offset the impact of our sport on our planet. Together, inch by inch, tree by tree, we can gain greener ground and help tackle the climate crisis.

Planting hundreds of thousands of trees is a tough task. So to make it happen, we’re

continuing to join forces with the pro’s at Eden Reforestation, an incredible team with the expertise to make it happen and dedicated to reforestation in lands where local communities, living in extreme poverty can benefit from the planting by earning a regular income.

Roughly fifty per cent of the world’s mangrove forests have been cut down in the last fifty years, but by working with Eden Reforestation, we can look to restore some of the most resilient and environmentally beneficial trees out there.

Compared to other global forest systems, mangroves absorb 2 to 4 times more carbon, and contain the highest carbon density. There are other benefits to planting mangroves too:

• Improve ocean and coral reefs health

• Improve biodiversity

• Protect against coastal storm and erosion

• Provide employment for impoverished communities

We’ve contributed to the planting of 250,000 mangrove trees so far, but we know there is always more to do. With your help, we're aiming to plant another 400,000 mangrove trees in 2022.