Playing & Training

Introducing New Elite GPS Tech to Max Out Your Performance

We’re joining forces PlayerData to bring elite level tracking to the masses

2023-01-12 11:13:37 By Canterbury

Mental Health Matters


Tackling Mental Health Within Rugby

Join Canterbury as we discuss how we're helping to create change in the sport when it comes to the mental health of our athletes

2022-05-10 11:55:11By Canterbury

Close up of female rugby player in red Canterbury hoodie


The Three Pillars for Accessibility in Women's Rugby

There are three fundamental ways to help push our great game forwards

2022-04-13 11:19:29By Canterbury

Muslim woman in veil plays with football team


The Rise of Women’s Rugby Union

Women's rugby is bigger than ever before. Learn where the game is heading here

2022-04-05 14:16:38 By Canterbury