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Giving Your Wardrobe the Rugby Edge

Rugby team in huddle

Fashion has always been influenced by the rich and famous. Who could forget the Beatle or ‘moptop’ haircut of the 1960s popularised by the ‘Fab Four’, or Jackie Kennedy’s pillbox hat? And what young mother doesn’t follow what Britain’s royal infants wear? So how is it then that rugby, a relatively minor sport, in worldwide terms at least, has come to have such an influence of fashion?

It all began with rugby shirts. Traditionally, rugby shirts were made from cotton and had long sleeves and a collar, with buttons at the front of the neck. They were loose fitting and durable, and were so functional that, at least as far as casual wear is concerned, they have changed very little from the early days of the game.

Because of their versatility and durability, rugby shirts became popular both as casual wear and as work wear. But they were hardly fashionable and it was not until male students, surprisingly on America’s east coast, adopted rugby shirts as their garments of choice for campus wear that rugby shirts began to become recognised as genuine items of fashion. Following this lead, young sophisticates saw the rugby shirt as an essential part of their wardrobe and fashion designers quickly pandered to their desires by producing new designs to make rugby shirts attractive to an even wider market. Nowadays, rugby-style shirts are highly fashionable and have become ever more acceptable as dress for a variety of occasions.#

Fashions on the rugby field, however, have changed, as the loose fit of old has been replaced by skin-hugging shirts that most men and women don’t have the figure for; the collars have gone and the sleeves have been shortened. But these changes haven’t meant the end of rugby as a fashion influence, and here at Canterbury we are proud of our range of exciting and innovative rugby-influenced apparel that has something for fans and casual wearers who want to look great.

Take, for example, our line of rugby polo shirts. It includes some great designs like our tipped polo shirts. With a nice fitted design, they are available in a range of colours with contrasting stripes on the edges of the collar and cuffs. They are perfect for those casual and smart casual occasions when you want to look good without seeming overdressed.

And, specially for rugby fans, we have shirts that feature the colours of your favourite team. And, if you have a fuller figure, you’ll be pleased to know that we have some fantastic shirts just for you.

Also, we haven’t forgotten those cooler days. For them, you might like to take a look at our rugby-inspired hoodies and jackets, along with our superb range of tracksuit bottoms and pants.

As a game, rugby is growing and developing, and as its profile rises, so will its influence on fashion increase. As always, we at Canterbury will be at the forefront of new developments and bring the latest in designs to you at prices you can afford – and with a quality that is unmatched.



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