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Exercise Drills with Robbie Henshaw

Robbie Henshaw

Train for your game with Robbie Henshaw

It takes strength of character to train to your potential. Train harder, train longer. Train for your game.

Robbie Henshaw tyre flip

You don’t always need to be in the gym to get a full body workout. Robbie shows you how to vary your exercises without picking up an injury.

Robbie Henshaw Speed Hurdles

Working on speed and agility are key to being rugby fit. Robbie shows you how to tackle the speed hurdles here.

Robbie Henshaw Gym Rings Workout

When you’re short on time, the rings work your core strength & conditioning. Here Robbie shows you how to make the most of your session.

Skills & drills with Robbie Henshaw – Shuttle sprints

Speed & agility drill from Irish Rugby’s Robbie Henshaw.
Can you do it in less than 20 seconds?

Skills & drills with Robbie Henshaw – Hip rotation drill for speed

Try this hip rotation drill from Robbie Henshaw to open up your hips which will help increase your speed on the rugby pitch.

Skills & Drills with Robbie Henshaw – Arabesque

Try this arabesque exercise from Irish Rugby’s Robbie Henshaw to improve your control & balance on the rugby pitch.



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