Committed to the Game

Man with ball in hand
With our stadiums, clubhouses and pitches stood empty, it’s clear we’re all a little lost. But it’s important we do the right thing and follow the guidance.

The rugby community can lead the way in coming together from home, and we’re with you.

So, no matter what your jersey colour, nationality or position – pull your jersey over your head and wear it with pride. Stand (albeit virtually or 2 metres apart) shoulder to shoulder with us, your loved ones, your neighbours…tell ‘em the stories from the pitch or how England made it to the World Cup final in 2019. Get muddy in the garden, ruck and roll on the patio – we all have rugby in our hearts and that’s what will pull us through.

Stand up for it, stay indoors for it, for now, there’s a new way to be part of it.

We’re doing the right thing.

‘Committed. Community. Canterbury.



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