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What Rugby Kit Does My Child Need?

If your child has just taken up rugby and you’re not quite sure what they’ll need don’t worry, we’re here to help! Check out our top 10 kit recommendations.

1) A kit bag – Your child will need a bag with lots of compartments so everything can be accessed easily. A padded adjustable strap will make it easier for them (or you!) to carry. A water-resistant compartment is great to separate muddy boots and kit away from clean kit, to save you on unnecessary washing and cleaning. Check out our Vaposhield medium bag.

2) Boots – Boots are a must for all players. Some children play in football boots, but standard football studs are not allowed as they have sharp edges which are dangerous for other players. If your child’s football boots have screw in studs you can replace them with specialist rugby studs. Available here: Don’t get bladed boots, they can be dangerous as players can slip more easily and they can also injure other players. The boots we’d recommend are specialist rugby ones, we have the Speed boots for forwards and the Stampede boots for the back row. Check out our full  junior boots range here.

3) Mouth guard – Keep your child’s teeth protected with a mouth guard. We strongly recommend one even if your child is playing tag rugby and not tackling. Once your child is in the U9’s team it’s compulsory to wear a mouth guard. Here’s our junior one.  Jaw positioning blocks and front shaping allow little ones to breathe easily while a soft inner layer adds comfort and support. Simply mould it in hot water.

4) Training kit – Your child can wear whatever they’ll feel comfortable in for training. Depending on the weather, shorts, tracksuit bottoms, jumpers or a rugby shirt are all good options. Zips shouldn’t be worn as they might hurt another player. Here’s our great range of junior rugby training kit.

5) Ties & shirt – Children who are U13s and older usually wear a shirt and club tie after matches. Any shirt such as a school shirt is fine – you don’t need to buy some specially. The ties will be available from your child’s club shop.

6) A hoody – During the winter months your child may be put off mini rugby if they don’t have some warm clothes. Invest in a thick hoody for them to put on before and after practice and during half time.

7) A head guard – Help your child stay safer on the pitch and reduce the risk of cauliflower ears with a head guard. Head guards also help to protect from small cuts and abrasions. Check out this one.

8) A woolly hat – Great for warm-ups, cool downs and half time. If you choose a highly thermal, single layer hat, it can be worn under a scrum cap if needed.

9) A water bottle – Hydration is key during training and after matches. Get your child a reusable water bottle to save on plastic waste. This one is easy to grip and holds up to 800ml. Also don’t forget an after practice snack, your child is sure to be ravenous!

10) Thermal long sleeve top – Handy for matches and training when it’s cold. From the moment they’re warming up to after the game, our thermal top will keep little ones feeling dry by wicking away sweat from the skin and quickly drying off. Quick drying fabric also means you can wash today, and they can wear tomorrow, ideal for busy schedules and regular sessions.



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