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Ireland’s Jersey for a New Horizon

Irish international jersey

You’ve seen the Ireland Rugby 20/21 jerseys and we know you’ll be biting down on your mouthguard wanting to find out more, so here’s one for all you jersey fanatics.

In need of ultimate fan knowledge for the stands, the pub or even your clubhouse? THIS is how we reached the the final jersey outcome – in what could be #ANewHorizon for Andy Farrell’s Ireland.


The new jerseys bring a new look and energy to both player and supporter. The home jersey blends a classic green with a subtle but striking block pattern representing strength, power and unity.

The Home

Irish international jersey
  • Colour is all about youthful vitality and an energised state, with Ireland coming post world cup into a new cycle with a new coach the Bio Lime inclusion is all about that high energy pop.
  • The graphics in the home Jersey are from a theme of ‘binding forces’ these block graphic shapes represent the strength and unity of bodies bound together in a scrum or maul;

The Alt

Irish international jersey
  • The alternate is about that same theme but with the introduction of that bright bio lime and disruption of the graphic – an energy pulse through the design to really represent that new era.


You know it, Irish Rugby know it and we’re certainly aware the demands on kit performance have never been higher, or the margin for error smaller.

Players demand comfort, performance and strength from their kit to perform at their best. The new Ireland jersey utilises a Vapodri+ finish, with adaptive wicking technology keeping them cool and ensuring they are able to concentrate fully on the game. The offset raglan sleeve flexes effortlessly offering minimal resistance when passing the ball, and a lowered underarm seam leads to reduced irritation in this area.

A mechanical knit construction is used to make the fabric strech to a controlled locking point. This allows for a tight bind in the scrum, and not too great a pull if they are tackled by the jersey.

Did you know? On the jersey’s technical specs we’re actually using the same jersey construction as we did for the Rugby World Cup 2019. After years of development and testing and a great on field performance across 7 teams the silhouette continues for the 20-21 season.

Here’s the ultimate lowdown on the jersey spec;

  • Offset Raglan sleeve for reduced resistance in lateral motion (e.g passing the ball)
  • Lowered Underam Seam junction for reduced irritation
  • Vapodri+ finish which provides adaptive wicking technology to keep players cool and comfortable on the field
  • Mechanical Knit construction meaning the fabric has stretch to a controlled locking point
  • One Piece Low Profile V Neckline which is our strongest ever with engineered low friction elastic.


You can view the entire 20/21 range at our online store here.

Alternatively head into your local Elverys store to see the craftmanship for yourself. The jersey has been put through a gruelling testing process in the lab as well as on the field by elite and grassroots teams across Ireland, the UK and New Zealand.



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