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The Lions jersey is seen first by our most committed fans. Preview the iconic jersey now. NEW BRITISH & IRISH LIONS JERSEY IS UNVEILED CANTERBURY RELEASE THE ‘UNTOUCHABLE JERSEY’ AHEAD OF TOUR TO NEW ZEALAND The new British & Irish Lions kit was revealed in spectacular fashion today as a giant ‘untouchable’ jersey hologram appeared over the London city-scape. Commuters across the Capital were left stunned as they came face-to-face with the giant hologram on the Southbank while British & Irish Lions Head Coach, Warren G
We challenged 20 committed competition winners to see if they had what it takes to be "Farm Fit" against ourt brand ambassador Robbie Henshaw.
Rugby is a 15-man game where 14 men try to put the fifteenth a metre ahead of the opposition. Winning in rugby is first about the gain-line, which then is about scoring tries and playing as much rugby as possible in your opponent’s half. Coaches at the highest level still will spend hours teaching team tactics to break down defences, but often it’s a moment of individual skill that opens up the way to the try line. Here are some of the skills world class players use that to help you beat would-be tackler
The punt The most basic kick in rugby, the punt is used to clear the ball in defence, to gain territory and as an attacking weapon. It is a very simple rugby kicking technique and everyone in the team should be able to execute it to some degree. If you are kicking with the right foot, hold the ball with your left hand slightly forward and your right hand towards the rear. Step forward and plant your non-kicking foot firmly on the ground as you drop the ball onto your kicking foot. Aim to make contact wit
The ability to pass is a fundamental skill that all rugby players must possess; a good well-timed pass can split open a defence or make space for a clearance kick. Here’s how it’s done. Basic pass considerations Before passing the ball, you should always: · Hold the ball in both hands so that you can pass to either side. · Look at the receiver to make sure he is where you think he is and to make sure he is actually in a position to take the pass and knows it’s coming. You also have to make certain that, by passing, you won’t put the receiver or your team in trouble. · Try to pass just ahead of the receiver so that he can run onto the ball. · Try to draw the defender before releasing the ball. · Only release the pass if you are sure the ball will reach the intended receiver. Rugby passing technique The basic pass is executed with a single fluid motion. If you are passing to your left (reverse everything for the right), you should hold the ball in both hands (one each side) in front of
When you’re playing rugby if you can’t tackle you’re a liability to your team and if can’t tackle properly you’re a liability to yourself and your opponent. These tackle tips will help you stop your opponent and avoid injury. First, here are a few generalisations that you need to remember: · Tackle hard because if you don’t you are more likely to get hurt · Always keep your head out of the way and try to avoid ending up underneath your opponent · Always use your arms in the tackle · Never tackle above the shoulder · Ne

The New Lions training range has been designed for the best of the best. Lets take a closer look at some of the key items. The Men's and Women's Thermoreg Hooded Jacket is the pick of the bunch. Crafted with our ThermoReg tech, this jacket will regulated body temperature in varying climates. The vivid red and solid feel is exactly what you would expect from the official Lions Collection. The Classic VAPODRI Cotton Training polo is a multipurpose

The iconic Red Jersey is a thing of beauty, revered in rugby circles as reaching the pinnacle of our beautiful sport. The Lions Coach Warren Gatland talks to us about what it means to pull on the most iconic jersey in the game.
Canterbury is honoured to carry on a respected touring rugby heritage as Official Apparel Partner for the British and Irish Lions Tour to New Zealand in 2017. In June 2017 37 Northern Hemisphere players will travel to New Zealand in Canterbury jerseys for the first time since 1959. Since 1888 collection The partnership between Canterbury and the Lions brings together two of rugby’s most prestigious names in the history of the sport. To support that prestige and heritage, Canterbury designed and released