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The Sam Burgess Interview Part 2

Sam Burgess

On taking care of his body…

From a young age, I’ve always had a love of food and a real passion for cooking at home.
Nutrition has always been important to me, and I enjoy learning how certain foods can affect my body and performance.

The longer I’ve been in the game, the more I have learnt how to look after my body, when I was younger – like many lads, you don’t have that respect for your body and what it does for you, but I certainly do now.
I’m really aware of allowing myself time to recover, that way I get the best performance on-field.

On changing codes…

Going form League to Union, my fitness and nutrition regimen hasn’t changed that much, as you become a more experienced player, you pick up new tips, I think it’s important to keep learning.

and whether his nickname will stay…

I’m not sure if my Slammin’ Sam nickname will stick now, haha – but that’s not for me to decide!
I just get on with it and play rugby, but I must admit all the boys on the team call me Slammin’ in our training, so it’s definitely sticking!

If I could have picked my own nickname, it would be something really cool.
There’s a guy in the Stepbrother’s movie called Dragon, I’d like something like that!

On a typical day…

I generally wake up around 7:30am even on rest days, as once you’re in a routine it can be quite hard to break it, so that’s usually when I would naturally wake up without an alarm.
I try and allow myself more time in bed on rest days, but it’s hard, usually by 8:30am I’m ready to get up!

After waking up I have breakfast straight away, I really believe it is the most important meal of the day, so I like to go and get my fuel in for the day.

I usually have lunch around 12:30pm, but before that mid-morning I’ll have a snack such as a protein shake or bar.

Training can last to around 5pm, as soon as I’ve come off field or out of the gym, I’ll make sure I have a replenishing protein drink or bar in order to keep my energy levels up.
After training I like to check in with the medical staff, just to make sure that my body is ok, and see if I need to get worked on.
If you’re on a training camp, and staying at a hotel, it’s great because you can get in the pool to aid recovery, or have an ice bath as that really helps speed up the process.

On following a strict diet…

I don’t follow a set diet or routine, I like to improvise to a certain extent, keeping in mind to pick the cleanest option. Following a strict diet can be tough, I have some guidelines that I stick to, but that are flexible enough to fit into day to day living.
I make a conscious effort not to over eat or under eat, and ensure that I opt for plenty of carbohydrates to sustain good energy levels.
I always take my fish oil and general multivitamin, but other than protein shakes, I don’t supplement my diet any further.

On match days, I always have eggs for breakfast, generally four poached with some baked beans and toast.

On body hang ups…

Honestly, I’m like everyone else! If anything I’m probably worse for analysing my body.
Last night for instance, I’d had some chocolate, and I thought ‘ohh no’ haha, I guess I have body hang ups like everyone else – it’s only natural.

Everyone has those days when they’re not feeling their best, even people who perform in sport.
Usually I just realise that I’m being daft and get on with it, I always feel better for a good training session!

On the best advice he’s heard…

I get given advice on a daily basis, but the best advice I have been given is to be a good role model.
You can really forget the impact you have on those around you.
This can be applied to anyone, you may not realise but you need to be aware of those looking up to you and what effect your actions have.
If you can try and be the best person you can be each day, that is enough – the rest will take care of itself.



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