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The Best Rugby Boots for Wingers

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Fast. Explosive. Dynamic. Sometimes you might need to pass, kick or make a tackle, but priority is speed, speed and more speed. If you’re a Winger, your team is relying on you to be fast with an eye for the try line. So, what should you look for in your rugby boots?

  1. Structure – You need to be confident in your rugby boots. Confident that they’ll hold when you’re pushing off or side-stepping. You should always choose boots with a strong structure. Boots without a solid structure may not only knock your confidence but can also lead to injuries… every player’s worst nightmare.
  2. Lightweight – Secondly, your boots need to be lightweight to aid your speed. Your boots should feel like an extension of you, rather than like they are weighing you down.
  3. Comfort- Your boots need to be comfortable. Really comfortable. Comfort allows for repetition in a game. Your feet need to be able to pull off an effective manoeuvre over and over, without the threat of discomfort slowing you down or discouraging you from repeating a move.
  4. Close Fit – Lastly, your boots should be closely fitted to optimise speed endurance. You need maximum traction for changing direction at speed and for evading your opponents. Closely fitted boots also allow for more precision. They should feel like a second skin.

At Canterbury we’re dedicated to improving rugby players performance on the pitch, from head to toe. Here’s are our top rugby boot recommendation for Wingers

Men’s Speed 2.0 Boot

Our speed boots optimise performance through a lightweight design and a specifically engineered supporting structure. The speed boot is built for comfort and features a cushioned collar. An 8mm heel raise reduces lower limb strain and promotes a power position, whilst TPU studs reduce footbed pressure. Shop here

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