In the final part of the interview, we catch up with Geoff to discuss quality workouts over quantity, cool baths and questionable music choices.



On good quality workouts…
Whilst training I concentrate on giving it my absolute all and really throwing myself into it.

A good quality workout is much better than frequent workouts where you aren’t really pushing yourself.

I don’t think you need to be hitting the gym every day, if you leave training satisfied, you know you have given it your everything, that’s the best you can do.

On holistic recovery…
I like to have the occasional massage if I feel I need it, but cool baths are also good – but not ice baths!

Swimming is also great, and I like to go every now and then, especially now that I live by the sea.

On pressures to look good…
Looking a certain way or the pressure some people feel to look good has never been a concern of mine; if I was young and single then it may be different!

I like to concentrate on training for rugby and getting better at it.

On music whilst training…
I don’t usually put any headphones in, but I like to listen to house or rock music while training, I think it really helps with motivation.

I love singing a bit of Celine Dion, but it doesn’t get me that pumped for a training session.

On that singing…
I think people need to learn to just let go and have a good sing.

(Geoff proceeds to belt out Celine Dion)
…Even if you’re no good, just put yourself out there.

On rest days…
At least once a week I like to give myself a full day where I don’t think about rugby and completely chill out.

I like to spend my rest days with my family, it’s important to spend a day away from training but also away from thinking about rugby, it’s essential to have a break.

On eating habits…
To be honest, I just like to eat – ALL of the time!

I have a big appetite and like to ‘graze’.

I like to have my three traditional meals, but also lots of snacks. If I’ve made something, and have some leftovers, I have no issues finishing it off.

On feeling guilty after having the odd treat…
There’s absolutely no guilt! I’m a big eater and enjoy having the occasional treat.

I must admit, I’m not the biggest crisps fan, anything chocolatey is my favourite!

On advice to his younger self…
I’d say to my teenage self – don’t worry about fitness and nutrition too much.

You hear of lads now having protein shakes at such a young age, if you’re eating decent food and enough of it, there really isn’t any need for it, especially at that age – teenage years are for enjoying yourself.

Let your workouts and nutrition fit in around your life, don’t let it shape it.


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