Canterbury Jersey Comparison: Test vs Pro

There has been much controversy and media attention over the recent England Rugby Kit that has recently been released. It is granted that there is an abundance of technology within high performance apparel, this blog explains the differences between The Test and Pro Jersey that Canterbury provide for England.

The Test Jersey and Pro Jersey are shown below. At a glance the two shirts look nearly identical; however the innovation present in the  Test jersey (the actual jersey the players wear on the pitch) sets it apart from the  Pro replica jersey. The Test Jersey is the exact shirt, minus the GPS Pouch, the actual England Team use and the Pro version is more of a classic replica supporter’s jersey.


Material Construction

The Test Jersey is constructed from a combination of Polyester and Lycra, ensuring the Jersey has a body forming fit. The material choice guarantees that the Jersey doesn’t restrict range of movement and increases the moisture management/wicking ability of the jersey. The material make up has been specifically engineered to allow the feel on the skin from the Jersey is that of cotton. From player insights at the England Camp a cotton feel was a must, so Canterbury took this insight on board and the inner of the Jersey mimics the feel of Cotton by air texturising the polyester yarn. The Pro Jersey is a 100% Polyester construction, therefore this garment has a classic fit with a polyester feel, rather than a body hugging fit that the Test Jersey has.

photo 1[1]

The midnight blue cuffs of the Test jersey are constructed from a Nylon / Spandex blend, ensuring a streamlined fit around the players’ bicep. The Pro Jersey again just has a 100% Polyester make up so will not have the tight bicep fit.


Design and Fit

The Test Jersey has a higher angled taper than the Home Jersey, coming tighter in at the bottom of the jersey from the top. This again increases the moisture management/wicking ability of the jersey due to the tailored fit of the garment. Player measurements provided Canterbury with a comprehensive set of ergonomic data allowing the most bespoke fit possible for a production jersey. The Pro Jersey is a supporter fit; it has a less aggressive taper/ a straighter more classic fit.

photo 2[1]


The Side Seams have been brought to the back of the Test Jersey to encourage, again, a tight fit to the body, increasing the probability of slipping a tackle but also to reduce the stress point of seam breakage, which increases the jersey strength. It is these little details that Canterbury feel could make a difference in the high pressures of a Test Match. The Pro Jersey has a classic side seam ensuring a comfortable and straight fit.

Technical Features

The main technical feature of the jersey is the grip print on the front of the jersey. Every school boy and girl are taught to catch the ball out of their chest, it is deemed bad technique to allow the ball hit the chest. All this said, if a bad pass is given or you’re rocked in a big collision the grip print on the front of the Test Jersey will help you keep control of the ball in sticky situations. The Pro Jersey does not have this additional feature.

photo 3

The strength of the collar on the test shirt has been rigorously tested with an instron machine at an independent testing facility, so the garment will not tear at the collar even when exposed to high forces. Canterbury has exceedingly high in house quality control measures for materials, again adding to; reliability, ruggedness and quality of all the garments produced.

photo 2

The two jerseys are made at the highest quality; however the technical features, cost of materials and research time that has gone into producing the Test Jersey is much greater.

At Canterbury we offer the exact same England Rugby experience that the players receive in the on field proposition with the Test Shirt. It is, bar the GPS pouch, the exact shirt as worn by the star players on the pitch. If the Test Jersey is not taking your fancy because of fit or price, the Pro Jersey is an outstanding replica option to choose to support your nation.

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