Top Tips for Early Morning Rugby World Cup Matches


Top Tips for Early Morning Rugby World Cup Matches, Rugby world cup, rugby mates, mates celebrating rugby

It’s all about camaraderie, matching what’s on the pitch in clubhouse…except those pesky laws and the time difference mean the rugby club won’t be open! Fear not, we’ve got some top tips so you can bask in the banter of the Rugby World Cup 2019 early morning viewing.

  1. Get that WhatsApp group loaded and fully charged

Your prep can start right now. Create a WhatsApp group and throw your team’s emblem as the group chat pic (pride starts at home, right?). Get everyone added in, so you’ve got each other’s backs when it comes to those early morning wake up calls and set out some clear group roles:
a) chief alarm caller, b) the arm-chair pundit, c) Golden Gif sharer, d) the silent on-looker (every group has one!).

  • Sound the alarm

We recommend setting a minimum of 3 alarms the night before, this works as a failsafe against the snooze button. You’ve got your WhatsApp group as back up, so odds are way more in your favour.


What are the chances of your partner watching the magic unfold? Slim. We thought so. Therefore, it is essential you creep out of bed using your ‘light-on the toes’ training from way back, to slip out the duvet, into your jersey and surge onward.

  • Cheeky check-in

A quick check-in on the group, make sure everyone’s up and wearing the rose. (No judgement here if you do or don’t choose to shower). If you’re heading round to one mate’s gaff to watch together, or riding solo, you’re going to need the deets – location, supplies, secret code to get in, (whatever hoofs your ball).

The sooner you know, the sooner you can crack on watching England make history.

  • Hydration nation

Get the drinks in! You’re going to need supplies, raid the fridge and ensure there’s enough food and drink to get you from your front door to Yokohama, Japan…Realistically you’re only going from the kitchen to the sofa, but it’s early, it’ll be dramatic, you won’t be missing a minute dashing for a top up.

  • Streaming imminent

This is a must! ITV are once again the broadcasters throughout the UK for this year. Get channels 3/103/ favourited, recorded, schedule in your device planner so there’s no missing of moments. KO for all games this year are pre-noon, so it’s sure safe way to capture every minute, even if you’re at work.

Your full fixtures are here.

  • Ruck ‘n’ roll

Now, if you had more than two hands, you’d be sorted. But as you don’t, make sure your set up has the following in reach:

– Mobile phone (got to keep updated)
– TV remote (key for those pause and rewind moments)
– Drink (we’ll let you be the judge on what time is acceptable to crack open the tipple of choice)
– All the breakfast rolls (Deliveroo now do breakfast. Nudge, nudge)
– England paraphernalia (the rose and St George’s cross is key to it all).

  • Still need a hand getting up?

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