Canterbury Spreadshhhheets

Beat your Boss!

Are you stuck at work but desperate to keep up to date with all of the latest rugby action from Japan? We can help!

Check out our stealthy Canterbury Spreadshhhheets, which include live match commentary, group rankings and game overviews. And the best part? All of the info is cleverly disguised as a boring budget spreadsheet so your boss and colleagues will be none the wiser!

View the secret Canterbury spreadsheet here

So, there’s no need to throw a sickie, waste a day’s holiday or spend the morning ducking and diving your colleagues, trying to sneak a peek at the results…

How does it work?

The Canterbury Spreadshhheet is a first of a kind hack of a live Google Sheets (genius, we know – cue smug face.)

It delivers real-time rugby data including in-game updates, text commentary and other reactive stats. And if anyone happens to glance over… it’ll look like you’re studying next year’s comprehensive budget sheet very intently. In fact, it’ll probably look as though you’re working harder than usual – win-win!

The stats are even plotted into live, reactionary pie, column and bar charts – adding to the illusion that you are a hard-working employee fully focused on their work.

The sheet is available in tailored versions for fans of all nations and gives you a complete overview of the standings in each pool, the calendar of upcoming fixtures – so you can plan when to use the sheet again – and the rankings of each team.

The ultimate work “Hack-a”

Check out the Canterbury Spreadshhheet here – Your boss will be non-the-wiser!

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  • Keith Puttick

    Sweet chariots should be sung by the England world cup team with Alfie Bow and Prince William when they win it.
    On top of the white cliff’s of Dover.