40th Anniversary of Streaking : Top 10

To Streak: run naked in a public place so as to shock or amuse others.

We are coming up to the 40 year anniversary of Michael O’Brien becoming the first person to streak at a major sporting event; England vs France. Since that initial streak, rugby has seemed to draw in some characters that just can’t help themselves but to take their clothes off and run onto the pitch. Let’s take a look at 10 of the best over the past 40 years.

1. Has to be Mr O’Brien himself. The policeman’s helmet now resides in the Twickenham rugby museum.

A policeman's helmet comes in handy as a streaker is led away during the Five Nations Championship

2. Erica Roe has become a cult icon because of her topless invasion of Twickenham’s pitch in 1982.

Erica Roe streaks

3. Allez lez Bleus. This passionate French fan was escorted from the premises when France played Scotland in 2012. Lucky he had his trusty French flag.

Scotland v France - RBS Six Nations

4. This naked man had his priorities right by keeping his trainers on, he was obviously looking for a length of the field try. State of Origin 2013.

State Of Origin III - NSW v QLD

5. A Streaker dives over the try line during the Powergen Challange Cup Semi Final match between St. Helens and Huddersfield in 2004. Footwear and sunglasses, a classic streakers attire.

A Streaker dives over the tryline

6. This Cowboy Streaker has had his hat knocked off during his capture at the Adelaide Sevens – 2011.

IRB Rugby Sevens - Adelaide: Day 1

7. A naked female streaker interrupts the scrum during the Guinness Premiership match between London Irish and Northampton Saints, 2009. You can tell what the players think of it.

London Irish v Northampton Saints - Guinness Premiership

8. Wayne Barnes reluctantly gives this topless lady streaker a red card at the Middlesex Sevens in 2009.

Middlesex Rugby Sevens

9. Again at the Middlesex sevens, 1999, this streaker shows off his flexibility and gymnastics skills by nailing a cartwheel.


10. A State of Origin Classic from 1994, this streaker only has eyes for the try line.State of Origin - QLD v NSW

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