The Best Rugby Boots for Props & Front Row

Strong. Explosive. Immovable. If you’re in the Front row, your team is relying on you to drive the line forward.

In the past, front row boots have been cumbersome and aesthetically displeasing. Everyone can remember the dark days of front row boots that seemed to weigh 10kg and came half way up your calf. Physically, front row forwards probably have the most robust physique of all the positions, and this should be represented in the footwear they use. But being robust doesn’t mean heavy, over engineered and clumsy, the mistake some brands have made with rugby boots in the past. This dark boots period for front rows is over. Now you don’t have to settle when it comes to rugby boots. So, what should you look for in your rugby boots?

  1. Ankle Support – Cushioned ankle support will ensure maximum comfort and help to protect you from injuries.  
  • Traction – Pushing and driving requires boots with maximum grip. Look for long studs that will dig deep into the grass for more stable footing.
  • Comfort- Your boots need to be comfortable. They should be lightweight and flexible to allow you to react quickly. They shouldn’t feel heavy or cumbersome.

  • Durable – Rugby is evolving and so are the requirements for certain positions. Front row forwards are now ball carriers, masters of the breakdown and scrummaging geniuses. Your equipment needs to adapt too. With so much pressure on them your boots need to be built to last.

At Canterbury we’re dedicated to improving rugby players performance on the pitch, from head to toe. Here’s are our top rugby boot recommendation for the front row:

The Stampede 2. SG is built for power. The boot is designed with a durable PU upper and a heavily cushioned ankle collar to ensure maximum wearer comfort. Engineered on Canterbury’s new wide fit PowerLast, an 8mm heel raise reduces lower limb strain and promotes a powerful foot position, whilst an 8 stud outsole with additional TPU traction creates unrivalled power. Shop here

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