Representing England in the Rugby World Cup, Geoff knows all to well the success in preparation and getting ‘game ready’. We catch up to talk pre-game superstitions and the benefits of post-game training.   On getting ‘game ready’… Preparation is key, I don’t see the point in training really hard if you are not going to eat and drink properly. Both are complimentary to each other but also essential for good performance on the pitch. That’s usually why you find players like to stick to their usual pre-match meal, they understand... Read More


Commit to endurance with Kevin Sinfield’s 7 day plan

  Points to remember As with any dietary or exercise changes, professional advice should be sought prior to undertaking. As each player is different, and will have different needs, the sample diet outlined may not be suitable for everyone. We like to use this plan as a guide and alter according to personal preferences in order to suit our needs. 


The Kevin Sinfield Interview Part Two

In the final part of our interview with Kevin Sinfield, we talk cheat days, pizza with the family and enjoying a (very) occasional pint.   On his diet and routine… If I’m honest, I improvise day to day, I have set foods that I Iike to eat – but I’m not too fussy. I’m pretty lucky in terms of weight; I don’t put a load of weight on depending on what I eat. I just follow a typical balanced diet so, plenty of fruit and veg, a lot of chicken... Read More


A protein packed twist on a classic

Chilli is one of the easiest and cheapest muscle building meals you can make. A twist on a classic, this Chilli recipe is a protein packed version of everyone’s favourite. You will need: Lean steak mince 2 mixed peppers 1 can of kidney beans 1 can soy beans 1 onion Tinned tomatoes Olive oil Spices: Cumin, Paprika, Chilli Powder Sour cream Hard Cheese Method: Slice the onion and peppers into small chunks, drain the beans and mix all vegetables together in a large bowl. Pour over tinned tomatoes and add... Read More


The Kevin Sinfield Interview PART ONE

We catch up with Kevin to talk fitness, nutrition and his advice on remaining motivated. With an MBE, over 17 years’ experience scoring tries and holding a record for being the highest scoring kicker in Super League history – we figured he’d know a thing or two about training.   On eating before a big game… On the morning of a game I will have muesli or porridge to get some carbs in early doors, with some fruit and then around lunch time I try and have poached eggs and... Read More



Canterbury has unveiled its new training range for Spring/Summer 2015. The new range combines cutting-edge fabric technologies with seasonal colour injections, continuing Canterbury’s tradition of producing ground-breaking technical sports apparel. With a classic collection of dark base colours, such as grey and black, and injections of vivid yellow, white and blue, the new range provides a fresh look to the Spring/Summer sporting wardrobe. The range has been built around rugby insights and training needs from their ambassadors and customers, covering all levels and disciplines of training, including run, gym and... Read More


VAPODRI – Keeping you Dry

       Canterbury are proud to present our very own VAPODRI technology. The blend of materials used allows the user to train          harder for longer. With advanced wicking properties, evaporation of sweat is boosted, allowing the garment to dry extremely quickly, perfect for reusing.  Shop the collection here.          


The Rugby Diet Plan

The Rugby Diet Plan You train hard and practice your skills but you just can’t achieve the level of fitness and the physique you need to make the impact on the pitch that you should be making. Maybe you even follow the fitness regimes of some of the world’s best players, but there is still something missing. If this sounds like you, then chances are that you need to look at your diet. Top athletes today focus as much on their diet as they do on other aspects of their... Read More


Rugby Training: Power

Rugby Power Training Ball skills aside, sheer physical strength is crucial if rugby players are to perform successfully on the pitch. Scrummaging, mauling and fighting for possession are among the areas where strength – and good technique – is vital. It is for this reason that many clubs have established weights rooms to allow players to develop their strength. There is, however, more to the story; rugby is not about strength alone. Too often players train without appropriate supervision and will utilise exercises that focus on individual muscle groups, working... Read More


Rugby Training: Core Strength

5 great exercises to strengthen your core: Core strength training is a crucial part of any rugby training programme. Much of a rugby match involves using brute force against the opposing team, and core strength is vital to giving you the advantage. Building upper body strength takes time and effort, but there are a series of foolproof exercises that can take you a long way towards achieving the core strength needed for this competitive sport. Combined with a good diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep, completing core strength... Read More


Rugby Training: Protein Shakes

Protein for Rugby Players Protein, which comprises the 20 different amino acids, is an essential part of everyone’s diet. Found in many foods, protein assists in the growth and repair of muscle and other tissue as well as being burned for energy. It comprises about 15% of body weight most of which is to be found in skeletal muscle, hence its importance to rugby players. Once ingested, protein is broken down into its constituent amino acids, which are absorbed into the body’s various tissues where they are reassembled into protein... Read More

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James O’connor talks about rugby, the gym, Sam Burgess and what he has for breakfast.

We caught up with James O’Connor for an all round chat to help you to get to know our new ambassador a little better. We cover training, on the pitch and inspirations of the Australian superstar. Life in the Gym: Gym isn’t my favourite aspect- especially when the strength of my game doesn’t come from raw strength. I’m not really interested raw strength lifting, some of the big boys will be benching 180kg, that’s not for me. I specialise in speed and power so I formulate my gym sessions around... Read More