Quick, nourishing and as hot as you like

Rugby Recipe – Speedy Spiced Rice This super quick spicy rice dish is great with grilled chicken or piled high and eaten after a training session You will need: Wholegrain Rice 2 Mixed Peppers 1 Can of kidney beans 1 Onion Tinned tomatoes Spices: Garlic, Paprika, Chilli Flakes Method: Bring a large pan of water to the boil, after rinsing the rice, add in and simmer on a medium to low heat. Slice the onion and peppers into small chunks, drain the beans and mix all vegetables together in a... Read More


The James O’Connor Interview Part Two

In the final part of our interview with James O’Connor we discuss mental strength, eating clean and how to pick a good red wine! On the benefits of eating clean… The most important thing I have noticed is that diet and nutrition affects your mental state just as much as your physical state – if not more. I find eating well really aids motivation and consequently you then continue to eat better, it really is a positive cycle. When you’re eating fresh and clean, you feel so much better and... Read More


The James O’Connor Interview Part One

In part one of our interview, we catch up with James O’Connor to talk surgery, Fried Chicken and his secret to success. On motivation… Like anyone else, I totally have those days where I lack motivation. I love any competitive training associated with rugby, but without a doubt the area I find most challenging is the gym. Occasionally you have to squeeze in two gym workouts in one day, those are the kind of days when even a strong coffee won’t work! I find once you begin training you’re alright... Read More

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The Sam Burgess Interview Part 3

The Sam Burgess Interview Part 3 Indulging, getting game ready and top advice. On indulging… I definitely have a sweet tooth, for my ultimate indulgence it has to be anything sweet, I absolutely love chocolate! If Phoebe and I are out having dinner, I will always want to look at the dessert menu. On Saturday night we went out for a steak and I had a nice Eton Mess for dessert, it was amazing! We don’t have many takeaways but my favourite would have to be Thai, which I guess isn’t... Read More

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The Sam Burgess Interview Part 2

The Sam Burgess Interview Part 2 On his nickname ‘Slammin’ Sam’, body hang ups and changing codes. On taking care of his body… From a young age, I’ve always had a love of food and a real passion for cooking at home. Nutrition has always been important to me, and I enjoy learning how certain foods can affect my body and performance. The longer I’ve been in the game, the more I have learnt how to look after my body, when I was younger – like many lads, you don’t... Read More

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The Sam Burgess Interview Part 1

The Sam Burgess Interview Part 1 Hover boards, Ex on the Beach, and being a Guinea Pig. On training whilst on holiday… On my last holiday to Santorini, I was up at 7am to get in the gym; it was just a treadmill session and some weights – just to keep me ticking over! Even on holiday, I try and do some kind of exercise, especially because both my fiancée and I love our food, and so it allows us to really enjoy ourselves when eating out. We try to... Read More

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The classic winter warmer

A classic winter warmer, Shepherd’s Pie is guaranteed to hit the spot after a long training session outside. We like to freeze additional portions, to make easy mid-week dinners for when time isn’t on your side. Here is the classic transformed into a replenishing, muscle bulking dish – a culinary sensation. You will need: 400g of Lean Beef Olive Oil 2 Garlic Cloves 2 Carrots 1 Large Onion 100g of Lentils 500ml of Beef Stock 5 Sweet Potatoes 150g of Pro-biotic Yoghurt Method: Slice all vegetables into small chunks Heat... Read More



In the final part of the interview, we catch up with Geoff to discuss quality workouts over quantity, cool baths and questionable music choices.   On good quality workouts… Whilst training I concentrate on giving it my absolute all and really throwing myself into it. A good quality workout is much better than frequent workouts where you aren’t really pushing yourself. I don’t think you need to be hitting the gym every day, if you leave training satisfied, you know you have given it your everything, that’s the best you can... Read More


A mid week favourite packed with protein

A protein packed version of a classic mid-week dinner …the stir-fry! Quick, easy and nutritious, it’s the go to option for when time isn’t on your side.   You will need: Lean Beef Soy Sauce Honey Bok Choy Broccoli Peppers Onions Beansprouts Herbs; Chilli & Garlic Peanuts Noodles Olive Oil Slice the beef and vegetables into thin strips, and mix well in a large bowl, coating with a drizzle of olive oil and a heaped tablespoon of the herbs. Place a large pan onto a medium heat and add the... Read More