Rugby World Cup 2019

Rugby World Cup 2019 Canterbury Spreadshhhheets 07/10/2019

Canterbury Spreadshhhheets

Beat your Boss! Are you stuck at work but desperate to keep up to date with all of the latest rugby action from Japan? We can help! Check out our stealthy Canterbury Spreadshhhheets, which include live match commentary, group rankings and game overviews. And the best part? All of the info is cleverly disguised as a boring budget spreadsheet so your boss and colleagues will be none the wiser! View the secret Canterbury spreadsheet here So, there’s no need to throw a sickie, waste a day’s holiday or spend the... Read More


Will Greenwood’s Guide to the most anticipated moments of the Rugby World Cup 2019

Canterbury ambassador Will Greenwood certainly knows a thing or two about Rugby World Cups – having been part of the victorious England side in 2003. Combine his World Cup success with commentating in recent years and you’ve got a pretty reliable source of knowledge to fill you in on everything you need to know ahead of Japan. In the week that the Rugby World Cup 2019 kicks off, we caught up with Will to get his thoughts on the group stages of the tournament and beyond. Don’t miss it According... Read More

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What’s the difference between a Test Jersey, Pro Jersey and Classic Jersey?

Rugby jerseys are all the same, right?Wrong. Whether you’re training hard in the gym, making tackles on the field or taking a well-earned rest day, there’s so many options to explore when it comes to choosing a rugby jersey. Canterbury’s Test, Pro and Classic fit jerseys each offer distinct benefits for different needs, with different materials, collars, technology and style. They might look similar (that’s the point) but look a little deeper and there are some big differences. So how do you choose which one is right for you? Here’s... Read More

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Where is the Rugby World Cup 2019?

From Twickenham to Tokyo. For the first time in the event’s history the 2019 Rugby World Cup will take place outside the traditional heartland of the sport, this year heading to Japan. For the ninth edition of the tournament, rugby fans will travel across the globe to Asia where the Land of the Rising Sun will play host to the 44-day event, bringing 20 international teams to 12 stadiums across the country A naturally polite and friendly nation, Japan will offer a warm welcome to its visitors as rugby fans... Read More


Rugby World Cup Winners Timeline 1987-2019

The wait is nearly over; Rugby World Cup 2019 is just around the corner. It already promises to be the best tournament ever and expectation is building accordingly. There will be shocks and surprises and new stars will emerge, but will we see New Zealand become the first team to extend their retain of the trophy? Or will we see a rare win for the northern hemisphere? Whatever happens, there will be excitement galore and, if the seven previous tournaments are anything to go by, fans are in for a... Read More

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Top Tips for Early Morning Rugby World Cup Matches

TOP TIPS TO EARLY MORNING RUGBY WORLD CUP MATCHES It’s all about camaraderie, matching what’s on the pitch in clubhouse…except those pesky laws and the time difference mean the rugby club won’t be open! Fear not, we’ve got some top tips so you can bask in the banter of the Rugby World Cup 2019 early morning viewing. Get that WhatsApp group loaded and fully charged Your prep can start right now. Create a WhatsApp group and throw your team’s emblem as the group chat pic (pride starts at home, right?).... Read More

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Story of a Canterbury Ireland Jersey How do you feel when you put on an Irish rugby jersey? When Ireland go to Japan to compete in the 2019 Rugby World Cup this autumn, they will carry with them the weight of their nation. As kit supplier to the squad, we want the team to feel strong, confident and proud to be representing their country on the world stage, and it’s our job to make sure they feel that support, but don’t feel overwhelmed by the pressure. “They need a jersey... Read More


Canterbury’s Biggest Rugby Wins

In the 2019 sporting calendar, rugby is the dominant player with its biggest tournament heading to Asia for the very first time. From Friday 20 September to Saturday 2 November, 48 matches will be played in 12 stadiums across Japan as 20 teams compete for the title of Rugby World Champions. The 2019 Rugby World Cup will be the ninth edition of the tournament. With the most wins to date, New Zealand’s All Blacks are gunning for a hat-trick while hosts Japan are simply looking to create a legacy from the tournament... Read More